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City Gas

Use of City Gas

Hello, Bongiorno, Halla, Bonjour, and Hej! Welcome to HEIDEBRENNER  your expert for high-quality equipment for city gas! Our products are designed specifically for use with city gas and offer you first-class performance and reliability.

Our gas lava stone grills, gas ranges and gas woks are ideal for professional kitchens and restaurants that rely on city gas. The devices are designed exclusively as stand-alone devices and offer easy installation and operation.

Our appliances are approved for use with city gas in Denmark, Italy and Sweden. With Heidebrenner, you can rely on powerful and reliable equipment to meet your needs and help you achieve first-class results.

Discover our product range today and find out why Heidebrenner is the first choice for gas/electric and city gas appliances!

Feel free to read a bit more about our cooperation with the Event H2-Raum.

Grilling with Hydrogen


The event "H2 Space: Grilling with Hydrogen"

We were a part of it at the kick-off event H2-Talks on 8 December 2023. The well-known chef Stefan Opgen-Rhein moderated the event and barbecued on a 3-zone lava stone grill from HEIDEBRENNER. It was equipped with V-grids and 2 grill hoods for optimal preparation of the dishes. Grilled were delicious roulades and zucchini. The chef has done both wonderfully. Mr. Opgen-Rhein and his team were very impressed by the temperature and power the grill reached. Also the easy handling and quick regulation of the temperature allowed the great barbecue experience. As can be seen in the picture below, the Mayor of Hertens, Mr. Müller, also dared to the grill and supported the grilling. He was also very satisfied with the ease of use of the grill. The grill can be operated with hydrogen, which is allowed in countries such as Denmark, Italy and Sweden by the standard established there for end customers. In these countries we already sell grills that run on hydrogen. Therefore, the organizers of the H2 room event came to us to carry out the event with such a grill. We were already able to answer many questions at our stand. Do you have any further questions? Then just click through our FAQ below.

Compact lava stone grills with one heating zone (410 mm * 750 mm) are excellent for smaller businesses but are also used as an additional option for larger kitchens or for events. For frequent or daily grilling, grills with multiple heating zones and corresponding burners are recommended. Various dishes can be prepared simultaneously on different zones. All HEIDEBRENNER gas lava stone grills have a water tray below the lava stones to collect meat juices, dust, and grill residues. During regular water replacement, dispose of the floating fat components directly above the overflow, facilitating cleaning. Water protects the gas technology from high temperatures and burner residues.


What changes with grilling using hydrogen?

Hydrogen offers precise temperature control and rapid heating, allowing for more efficient food preparation. Additionally, the pollutant load is significantly lower with hydrogen.

Can I convert my grill into a hydrogen grill?
While possible and conceivable, certain prerequisites must be met beforehand, such as pressure converters, enlarged pipes, etc.

Which devices can be operated with hydrogen?
Currently, only certified lava stone grills can be operated with hydrogen.

What should I consider regarding the explosion risk with hydrogen?
The key is to adhere to the regulations and norms when using hydrogen in Germany. It is recommended to work with excellent exhaust systems, an open window, and secure switchgear.

How long can I grill with hydrogen?
As an example using a 3-zone lava stone grill: 1 heating zone requires 12.8 kW/h x3 = 38.4 kW/h.
A typical-sized hydrogen bottle has a stored energy of 27.9 kW -> 27.9/38.4 = 0.72 -> since 38.4 kW per hour is considered, you can now calculate 60 minutes x 0.72, resulting in a runtime of the 3-zone lava stone grill of 44 minutes.

However, this assumes the use of all 3 heating zones at 100%. Typically, a efficiency of 50% is assumed, as all 3 heating zones are rarely used at maximum power. Thus, the final result is 1.28 hours.

How much does hydrogen cost?
Currently, hydrogen is quite expensive, with a purchase price of 20 cents per kilowatt-hour. These costs are likely to decrease in the coming years, especially with the approval of hydrogen.

Differences in Application between Propane, Natural Gas, and Hydrogen

Grill Temperatures:
Compared to propane and natural gas, hydrogen provides precise temperature control and faster heating, enabling efficient preparation of culinary delights.

Materials (V4A):

Challenges and Costs:
While hydrogen is more sustainable and resource-friendly, transitioning to hydrogen grill equipment initially incurs investment costs.
These can be offset by long-term savings on fuel costs and environmental benefits.

Tank Pressure to Pressure Converter in Home/Restaurant:
It is essential to monitor tank pressure and ensure it meets the grill's requirements. Professional installation and regular maintenance are indispensable.

Changes in appliance Setup:
Hydrogen grills generally do not require significant changes in appliance setup. However, the placement of the hydrogen tank requires special considerations.

Exhaust System:
The exhaust system must meet specific requirements for operation with hydrogen. Professionals are available for consultation.

Conditions and Requirements in the Kitchen:

Pipe Cross-Sections:
Die Pipe cross-sections must meet the requirements for hydrogen applications to ensure safe operation.

Pressure Range:
Hydrogen has specific pressure requirements. Devices and installations must meet these requirements for safety and efficiency.

Energy Content per m³:
Hydrogen has a different energy content per cubic meter compared to propane and natural gas. This must be considered in the planning and calculation when using the grill.

Methods of Hydrogen Production

Electrolysis (Electricity):
Electrolysis is an efficient method of hydrogen production, using electricity to break water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Steam Methane Reforming:
Steam methane reforming is another method where hydrogen is produced by the reaction of steam with hydrocarbons.

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