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Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills for the catering industry are powerful appliances specially designed for intensive use in restaurants, hotels, or companies with large kitchens. Grills for professional users offer high quality and are available in different sizes and configurations – from compact models for smaller businesses to expansive versions for large kitchens. At HEIDEBRENNER, you can get diverse versions for a wide range of kitchen situations.

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The advantages of a professional charcoal grill

With a charcoal grill for restaurants, you can feed many people with an appropriate amount of grilled food at any time – be it at parties or company events. But these grills are especially popular in restaurant kitchens or street food stands. Not without reason, as charcoal-fired cooking areas are characterised by a number of advantages. First and foremost, of course, is the characteristic barbecue aroma that comes from using charcoal or briquettes. And this is precisely what is desired for many dishes.

Worth the preparation time

Compared to gas barbecues, the charcoal versions require a little preparation time before the appliance is ready for use. It takes about 30 to 60 minutes for the lit charcoal to heat up completely and for the embers to give off an even heat. Only then can the food be grilled.

Creating heat zones

Depending on the type of food to be grilled and the desired result, the grill can be divided into zones. If grilled food, for example a piece of meat, is to be particularly crispy, it needs high heat. If something, such as vegetables, is to be cooked through slowly, it makes more sense to place it on a higher level of the grid. Or you can create a zone under which there are fewer coals and therefore less heat.

Barbecuing with a cosy atmosphere

No other type of barbecue creates such a cosy atmosphere as a charcoal barbecue. Especially in open restaurant or show kitchens, the operation of such a grill invites guests to linger longer, to watch the food being prepared and to smell the developing aromas.

Professional charcoal grills from HEIDEBRENNER

HEIDEBRENNER is the right address for professionals when it comes to high-quality charcoal grills. The appliances are perfect for grilling in the traditional way – in a professional quality. With us, the grills are available as tabletop and built-in versions. Every kind of food is grilled up to 250° C according to the guest's needs and wishes. In the process, the charcoal gives off the typical smoky flavour to the grilled food.

Thanks to high-quality materials and careful workmanship, you get long-lasting charcoal grills for intensive use in professional gastronomy. Depending on the space available and the quantity to be prepared, you can choose between different widths of charcoal grills from 410 mm to 2060 mm.

Protective plates in the grill ensure that the housing of the grill is protected despite hot coals. A grease tray and an integrated ash drawer simplify cleaning the charcoal grill.

HEIDEBRENNER also makes it possible to control the oxygen supply to the grill very precisely. This makes regulating the temperature child's play. If you want a modern barbecue made of high-quality materials for your company, and you do not want to do without the traditional barbecue aroma by using charcoal, then you should choose a charcoal barbecue from HEIDEBRENNER.

Observe fire protection regulations and work safety

For every gastronomic business, it is important to observe and comply with the fire protection regulations. In concrete terms, this means that a barbecue must not be set up just like that, especially not indoors. This is because glowing coals release large quantities of gases. This includes carbon monoxide, which is odourless but poses a considerable health risk to humans in excessive concentrations. In addition, there is of course always a risk of burns from the hot pieces of charcoal.

When operating indoors, sufficient ventilation possibilities and exhaust air systems must be provided. As open fires are used here, fire extinguishers must be installed within the prescribed range in accordance with legal regulations. The same applies to the operation of charcoal barbecues in outdoor areas, as there is also a risk of fire here.


    How long should a charcoal barbecue be preheated?

    A charcoal barbecue should generally be preheated for about 30 to 60 minutes. Use charcoal lighters or barbecue briquettes and wait until a grey layer of ash has formed and the fuels have glowed evenly. This will help you achieve an even grilling temperature and consequently optimal grilling results.

    How long and how should meat be cooked on the charcoal grill?
    Large pieces of meat should be cooked at a low heat and for longer. Small pieces of meat, on the other hand, should be cooked at high heat and quickly. White meat such as pork, turkey or chicken should always be cooked well done. Red meat such as beef can be enjoyed rare, medium, or well done.

    Which is better: charcoal or briquettes?
    The decision between charcoal and briquettes depends on your individual preferences and barbecue needs. Charcoal usually offers a faster lighting time and higher heat. This makes it ideal for short-duration, direct grilling. Briquettes have a longer burn time and more stable heat, which is good for longer, indirect grilling. They also produce less ash. It is possible to use both fuel types at the same time to combine the benefits of both.

    How and where to dispose of charcoal and ash?

    Charcoal residues and ash can be disposed of safely by allowing them to cool completely. After barbecuing, collect the ash and spent charcoal in a fireproof container, such as a metal bucket or ash pan, and store it in a safe place away from combustible materials. Make sure that there are no more glowing remains before disposing of them. You can put the cooled charcoal remains and ash in the residual waste or use them for composting if available. Do not throw them in the organic waste or directly into nature as this can cause fires.

    Heidebrenner Gastronomie Holzkohlegrill mit Zubehör

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