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Lava Stone Grill

Lava stone grills are particularly suitable for commercial kitchens and your gastronomy, as no toxic smoke is produced when heated, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This makes a lava stone grill next to the griddle plate the healthiest grill. State-of-the-art technology ensures an optimal, uniform temperature and a unique taste experience. Lava grills from HEIDEBRENNER are manufactured with the best quality and operated with gas or electric, so they are particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, our lava grills are particularly durable and reliable. These grills use natural resources to heat the food but do without charcoal. Various burners or heating plates heat the lava stones, which can quickly emit this heat. The flame thus does not reach the food directly, but heat is passed on evenly from the stones.
Our gas lava stone grills, as a stand variant, can be operated with propane, natural gas and also CITY GAS.
Our devices, powered by city gas, are approved in Denmark, Italy and Sweden. With Heidebrenner, you can count on powerful and reliable devices that meet your needs and help you achieve top-notch results.

Discover our product range today and find out why Heidebrenner is the first choice for gas/electric as well as city gas appliances!

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Professional Lavastone grills from HEIDEBRENNER

Lava stone grills from HEIDEBRENNER are ideal for the catering trade and canteen kitchens, both indoors and outdoors. State-of-the-art technology ensures an optimal and even temperature when grilling and a unique taste experience. Due to the low smoke development, the grills can also be used quickly and easily indoors. Our grills are made in Germany and can be operated with gas or electricity. They are particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and, thanks to the high-quality workmanship, extremely durable and reliable.

Compact lava stone grills with one heating zone (410 mm * 750 mm) are ideal for smaller businesses; however, they are also used as a delivery option for larger kitchens or are used at events. For frequent or even daily grilling, grills with several heating zones and corresponding burners are ideal. Different dishes can even be prepared at the same time on the different zones. All HEIDEBRENNER gas lava stone grills have a water pan underneath the lava stones. Meat juices, dust and grill residues are collected in this. When you change the water regularly, you can dispose of the fat components floating on top directly via the overflow. This makes cleaning easier. The water protects the gas technology from high temperatures and combustion residues.

Modular to the desired lava stone grill

Among other things, HEIDEBRENNER has specialized in the research and (further) development of lava stone grills. With us you have the opportunity to put together your grill according to your wishes and ideas. We also offer many accessories and extensions such as skewers, different grates, lava stone multi-roasters or skewer holders for the grills. So you can choose the grill that fits perfectly into your gastronomy and meets all your requirements. Custom-made products are no problem for the company's team of engineers and employees.

How lava stone grill work

Lava stones in the grill heat the food to be grilled. The flame does not reach the food directly, because the stones only pass on the heat evenly. In contrast to charcoal or briquettes in conventional grills, lava stones heat up very quickly. It typically takes 10 to 15 minutes to heat a lava stone grill. Lava stone grills are operated using either electricity or gas. The use of propane gas is advantageous if the grill is to be used independently of the location, since a fixed connection is not required. When using natural gas or electrical energy, you are dependent on the appropriate connections.

The lava stones used in lava stone grills come from extinct volcanoes in the Vulkaneifel. They are basically cooled, hardened lava. The stones are located between the gas burners/heating rods and the cooking grate and are heated by the selected heat source. Thanks to the lava stones, even heat radiation is possible, and the temperature can also be controlled more easily and precisely.

The advantages of a lava stone grill

A lava stone grill offers several advantages in gastronomy. The taste level of the grilled food, which is similar to that of a charcoal grill, is convincing. Meat juice or fat drips onto the lava stones and gives the ingredients extra flavor. In contrast to the charcoal grill, however, there are no flames that could char the food, and therefore no smoke with toxic gases. The lava stone grill also allows easy and precise control of the temperature. Lighting the grill and controlling the temperature is also easier than with a charcoal grill. Due to the storage effect of the lava stones, the fuel is used very efficiently in gas grills. It is also possible to gently prepare delicate foods and dishes. Thanks to the even heat distribution in the lava stones, hot spots are avoided.

However, lava stone grills also have a few disadvantages. The cleaning of the lava stones is quite complex. In addition, they must be replaced regularly to ensure consistent grilling quality. Lava stone grills are also more expensive to buy compared to gas grills and many charcoal grills.

Harmless to health

Lava Stone Grills have no negative health effects when used correctly. However, if the heat is not properly controlled, it can cause burns. As for the lava stone, there is no risk that it will leach harmful substances into the food. The lava rock is heated to a very high temperature to clean it before being placed in the grill.

How to clean a lava stone grill

To clean the grill thoroughly, you should not use aggressive chemical cleaning agents. Hot water is usually sufficient to clean the stones. They are boiled in a large pot of water to loosen dirt. A little gentle washing-up liquid helps against particularly stubborn grill residues. After boiling, you should rinse the stones thoroughly to remove any detergent residue. It is best to do this two or three times and then lay the stones in the sun to dry. If water and washing-up liquid are not enough, you can also boil the stones with vinegar water. You should also rinse the stones thoroughly with water afterwards so that no vinegar taste gets into the ingredients the next time you grill. It is actually also possible to clean lava stones in the dishwasher. A short program is usually sufficient.

Cleaning a lavas tone barbecue properly

It is advisable to check and clean the lava stones regularly. This significantly extends their lifespan. Fresh dirt is usually easier to remove because it is not yet firmly attached to the lava stone. Regular cleaning is also important to remove the fat dripping from the grilled food. The combination of heat on the lava stones and burnt-in fat can form harmful substances that can be transferred to the food to be grilled.

Lava stone grills are made in Germany and run on gas or electronically. They are particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and, thanks to the high-quality workmanship, extremely durable and reliable. Lava stone grills use natural resources, but do without charcoal: Various burners or heating plates for catering lava stone grills heat the lava stones, which in turn can quickly release the heat. The flame does not reach the food directly, but heat is passed on evenly by the stones.

Lavasteingrill für Gastronomie


High performance appliance in the professional sector are modular - what does that mean?

High-performance devices in the professional sector have a modular structure - what does "modular system" mean?

As a restaurateur, you need a device with numerous storage and warming options in order to be able to prepare the largest possible amount of food in a relatively short time. Ideally, they can use the device for a variety of applications without having to make complex changes or switch to another device. Thanks to their modular design, Heidebrenner catering equipment offers this variety.

- Provide the lava grill with a base cabinet, plate racks and a cake stand and three shelves to expand it.
- It is easy to purchase different grids, roasters and skewers for different heating zones. It is possible to quickly modify or upgrade the unit without tools if required.
- Easy removal of the inside of the device; The Heidebrenner lava stone grills can be ready to use within minutes.

Would you like to prepare different meals on a single appliance without having to switch appliances? Would you like to bake, grill and keep warm with your device at the same time? None of this is a problem with these devices. In addition, the diversity of our production lines supports the modular system perfectly: We offer you up to six different heating zones/device widths and seven different depths for each device category. In addition, all catering equipment is available in freestanding, tabletop or built-in versions, with many of them being available both outdoors and indoors. Whether you want to work with gas, electric or charcoal, we have the right solution for every restaurateur.

Demonstration Video for practical use


Lavastone Grill with 3 heating zones, equipped with an Etagereder Etagere Robata a skewer-holder and a GN-table

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