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A water grill is a grill with a water-filled bowl under the grate and above the heat source. This makes it possible to grill more gently. It also reduces smoke development due to dripping fat. These types of grills are particularly popular in the catering industry for reasons of safety and ease of cleaning. The mode of operation does not affect the taste of the grilled food, because the steam produced keeps the food juicy. These grills can be operated either electrically or via a gas tank.

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How a water grill works

In these grills, there is a water drawer or tray under the grill surface or grate. The heat-generating elements are located underneath. The water has various functions: It serves to regulate the temperature in the grill and ensure even heat distribution. The steam keeps the food juicy. In addition, the water tray catches the fat and meat juices.

The advantages of water grills

The water grill is particularly suitable for indirect grilling, where the food should not be placed directly above the heat source. Instead, the heat is transferred to the water, which in turn transfers it evenly to the grilled food. Since escaping liquids and fats drip into the water, no harmful smoke is produced as, for example, with classic charcoal grills. This is also an advantage of the water grill variant.

Another advantage is the ease of cleaning. Because the dripping fat is collected by the water, you can dispose of it together with the liquid. The tray itself is quickly cleaned with hot water and a little washing-up liquid. This means you don't have to laboriously remove burnt-on grease residues.

Professional water grills from HEIDEBRENNER

Water grills from HEIDEBRENNER are ideal for gastronomy and canteen kitchens indoors as well as outdoors. The modern technology ensures an optimal and even temperature during grilling and a unique taste experience.

The water under the grill grate of the HEIDEBRENNER water grills prepares the food gently and carefully. It retains its tasty flavour and stays juicy thanks to the evaporation of moisture. The water grills operate with 4.5 kW to 9 kW of power, distributed over one to six heating zones.

Our grills are made in Germany and can be operated with gas or electricity. They are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and, thanks to the high-quality workmanship, extremely durable and reliable.

Particularly practical: with our water grills, you get two grills in one. There is also the option of using them as lava grills. If necessary, you can use a lava stone container together with the lava stones instead of the water tray. You can get the corresponding accessories in our catering equipment shop.

The different water barbecue models from HEIDEBRENNER

Water grills are available in various sizes and designs – making them suitable for every type of catering and for all space conditions. There are also different variants in the HEIDEBRENNER range with regard to the operating mode.

Electric water grill
Electric water grills only need a power source. No other fuels are required. This operating variant is characterised by several advantages:
• Electric water grills are easy to operate.
•Since no open flame is produced, these devices can be used safely both outdoors and indoors.
•During operation, there is usually less smoke and fewer exhaust fumes compared to charcoal or gas grills.

Gas-powered water barbecue

The gas-powered variant uses propane or butane gas as the fuel source, which you connect to the barbecue in the form of a gas cylinder. And this operating variant also comes with advantages:

•Water barbecues with gas heat up quickly and enable immediate readiness for use.
•You can reach higher temperatures than with electric grills. This is particularly advantageous for sealing the surface of pieces of meat. A lot of heat is needed here.
•Modern gas water grills allow precise adjustment and control of the heat.

Cleaning a water grill properly

As with any grill or cooking utensil, allow all components to cool down before you start cleaning. Carefully remove the grill grate and the water tray from the water grill. Empty out the water and clean the tray. It is best to soak the grate in warm soapy water. Remove stubborn dirt with a grill brush or sponge. Make sure to remove all residues of grease, food residues or soot. If necessary, also use a grill cleaner that is suitable for your particular type of grill. Make sure that all cleaned parts are thoroughly dry before reassembling the barbecue.

Daily cleaning after grilling and thorough maintenance at regular intervals will help keep your water grill in good condition and prolong its life.

If you have any further questions about these grills or if you would like comprehensive advice, please contact our customer service team. We will be happy to help you.


What is a water grill, and how does it work?

The water grill works by indirect grilling. The food is not placed directly above the heat source. The water in the tray serves to ensure even heat distribution. It also catches dripping meat juices and fat.

Why use a water grill in the catering industry?

Using a water grill in the catering industry offers many advantages in terms of gentle cooking. By using a water-filled tray, fat, and meat juices are collected, resulting in less smoke and a cleaner working environment. This is a huge safety advantage, especially indoors. It is also easier to comply with hygiene regulations as there is less cleaning required.

What types of food can be prepared on a water grill?

You can use a water barbecue to prepare the same foods that you would use on a conventional charcoal barbecue. Be it meat, vegetables, fish, or even fruit such as watermelon. The advantage of a water grill is the low-fat, very gentle cooking that keeps the food juicy.

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