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Burning tables

Burning tables are indispensable in modern gastronomy, especially for flambéing and torching dishes. These specialized tables are made from heat-resistant materials and enable chefs to spectacularly enhance dishes right before guests' eyes. Heidebrenner offers these crucial tools in two sizes: S and L, to accommodate different needs and spatial arrangements in professional kitchens.
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Versatility and Application

The use of burning tables spans various culinary techniques. Whether caramelizing a Crème Brûlée or torching a steak, the controlled flame of a burning table allows for precise and effective preparation. The tables are designed to be not only functional but also safe to use, making them a must-have in any professional kitchen.

Size Options and Adaptability

Heidebrenner understands that not every kitchen is the same. Therefore, burning tables are offered in sizes S and L, ensuring flexible integration into various kitchen layouts. This choice allows restaurateurs to select the appropriate size according to their specific needs and available space. Whether in a small bistro or a large hotel kitchen, a Heidebrenner burning table is an asset to any culinary business. Of cause you can call us by an individual wish.

These tables are not just a purchase for the kitchen but an investment in the quality and presentation of dishes. With over 75 years of experience in manufacturing gastronomy products, Heidebrenner provides durable and reliable solutions that meet the demands of demanding chefs.

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