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Gas Teppan Yaki photo
Induktion teppan yaki photo
Elektro teppan yaki photo

The Teppan - Yaki - kitchen (Teppan - Yaki = the hot table) was originally created at the beginning of the 18th century by Japanese immigrants in the United States of America as a way to combat their homesickness. The Japanese, who arrived in the New World, were used to a completely different diet and cuisine than the one found there, and so the longing for local specialties came to homesickness.

They helped themselves by cooking on a metal or steel plate with the help of the ingredients available in their new home. Over the years, this type of preparation perfected itself with the Teppan-Yaki Grill and also became popular and well-known in Japan itself. Today, teppan cooking in restaurants is one of the great culinary experiences for the guest, who can watch the chef prepare tasty food up close.


Gas range photo
Induktions range photo
Elektro range photo

Ranges are generously designed gas stoves with continuous cover plate and removable cooking recesses, sieves offer large storage areas on the cover plate and on the intermediate floor. Suitable for the toughest continuous use and extremely stable. In short: For the highest requirements, you can use ranges from HEIDEBRENNER - an optimum of excellent properties.

  • Large storage areas

    The ranges are generously designed with large storage areas on the cover plate.220 mm wide surfaces allow the food to be arranged directly on the cover plate. In addition, you have plenty of storage space due to the intermediate floor.

  • ==References

    ====External links== Welded hearth recesses made of chrome nickel steel. Our tip: Put a little water and a splash of detergent in the hollow of the range - and everything dissolves by itself.

  • Easy cleaning

    The housing is made entirely of high-quality chrome nickel steel. The large surfaces are very easy to clean.

  • Of course, special-made ranges are also available on request with other dimensions, with valves mounted on one side or with different burner outputs. If there are difficulties with the Transport, the frame separation is possible. Of course, our plant sets the desired type of gas for your range - natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. So you have the opportunity to work with YOUR tailor-made device again!

There are no limits to the possible applications...

Comprehensive accessories for multifunction make the ranges so versatile. With just one appliance, you have the opportunity to cook, stew, fry, cook in woks, keep hot, and bake crepes and waffles.

With us, you have the opportunity to put together your own individual HEIDEBRENNER range!


gas hockerkocher photo
induktion hockerkocher photo
elektro hockerkocher photo

Confectionary-Gas Stool Cooker:

Confectionary / Bakery attachment ring with insertion are included in the scope of delivery of the Kondi-Gas stool cookers ROSTOCK. Especially in the confectionery and bakery trade as well as for confectionery production, these specially developed devices make your work easier if you want to cook creams or jam, melt sugar, roast branded almond, or macaroon masses or blanch fruits. Go mobile with a chassis! With this, there are no limits to your application possibilities of the gas stool cooker...

Our powerful electric stool cookers are made of stainless steel. The stool cookers with hotplates of 400 or 500 mm in diameter are available in the following variants:

  • with a stove
  • with two cookers
  • with three cookers
  • up to 850 mm high
  • mobile

The stool cookers with hotplates of 700 mm in diameter are available in the following variants:

  • with a heating zone for undivided pans
  • with two heating zones for two-part pans
  • with three heating zones for three-part pans
  • up to 850 mm high
  • mobile

The stool cookers from HEIDEBRENNER are extremely stable, practical and economical. Due to the infinitely variable regulation of the heat and the extensive accessories, they can be used individually. An easy cleaning is given due to the construction. The electric stool cookers are delivered ready to plug in.
These are ideal for our large cast frying pans, which have diameters of 500, 600 and 850 mm.


Mongollen grill photo
Elektro lavagrill photo
Gass lavagrill photo

Electric lava stonegrills with different attachments:

  • Cast roastsr
  • Cast ribbed multi-roaster
  • Cast gratings and ...

... as ROBATA grill

Powerful gas burners heat your lava stone grill with real lava stones. The lava embers pass on strong heat completely evenly to the grilled food, whose pores close in seconds. Your advantage: nutrients, juice, good taste and weight are retained. HEIDEBRENNER has been manufacturing its lava stone grills for over 50 years and is constantly improving the design. This is the best proof that the lava grills are permanently technically mature.


Roasters, rust..

Special taste due to radiant heat
Due to a slight inclination of the special grill grate made of V-profiles, dripping liquid flows without smoking into an easily removable drip tray of the lava grill. A small part drips onto the hot lava stones. Light smoke gives the grilled food the typical, unique taste as prepared over charcoal. Radiant heat ideally grills steaks, chops, shashlik skewers, and much more. Mmh, delicious...


Riesen phanne photo
Induktions wokherd photo
Gas wokherd photo

Food should become the pleasure of the guests through freshness and good taste. Wok gas stoves from HEIDEBRENNER deliver maximum performance through gas burners and heating plates with good heat distribution.
All dishes are cooked with strong heat only briefly. You can taste the success: everything has bite; the vitamins, nutrients and colors of the food are preserved. With wok gas stoves and induction gas stoves, you can also prepare many European dishes tasty.
In many kitchens it is cramped or the installation quite difficult. Then compact wok gas stoves made of stainless steel, with cooking recesses from HEIDEBRENNER, are just the thing.

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