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Guest fair 2023

Dear customers, dear interested parties,

at the "Alles für den Gast" we would like to present you from 11th until 15th November the latest lines of our premium catering equipment. Visit our booth 09-0305.

It is particularly important to us this year to present you with economical and energy-saving solutions; To do this, we focus on 3 concepts that will not only help you overcome the energy crisis, but will also maximize your sales.

  1. The perfect alternative to high -performance gas grills: We present the latest model of the electric lava stone grill, which not only offers comparable performance to our gas lava stone grill, but also gives the grilled food that inimitable smoky taste.
  2. You / your customers prefer to work with gas? Using the example of our high-performance gas appliances, we will explain how you create additional space by shifting the work area to the vertical area in order to use the available energy for your food. They maximize the output in the smallest space and save gas in the long term.
  3. Working modularly and multifunctionally: We will show you how to use one device and various attachments to turn a grill into a frying pan, a warming device or a fat fryer in no time at all. And all this in combination!


 Our exhibition devices at a glance


HEIDEBRENNER has been manufacturing its lava stone grills for over 50 years and is constantly improving the design. Due to the slight inclination of the special grill grate made of V-profiles, dripping liquid flows without smoking into an easily removable drip tray of the lava grill. A small part drips onto the hot lava stones. Light smoke gives the grilled food the typical, unique taste like it was prepared over charcoal. Radiant heat is ideal for grilling steaks, chops, skewers and much more.

Electric lava stone grills from HEIDEBRENNER are able to heat the food to be grilled up to 600 degrees Celsius with optimal heat distribution. You can prepare 200 steaks of optimal quality on 3 heating zones per day with continuous use and the right amount.


- Housing in solid HEIDEBRENNER construction - lasts a lifetime
- Lava stones from the Vulkaneifel with high energy storage capacity - Powerful 1.5 kW tubular heaters transfer the heat directly to the cast iron grates - Grate temperatures of up to 500° C even when fully loaded - 3 (or 6 ) Tubular heating elements/cast iron grids form a heating zone with 4.5 (or 9) kW
- Combined lava stone/water grill: The device can be operated with lava stones or with water, depending on requirements. This option includes a push button water inlet and temperature controlled refill/water circulation.
- Combination device consisting of grill + griddle
- Mobile design with heavy-duty castors


The classic as a new, energy-saving variant. You will hardly find a more robust and powerful device on the market that - when used correctly - heats a variety of foods with moderate use of gas and achieves maximum output. Let us advise you.

Each heating zone with:

- 10.4 kW tubular group burner with thermoelectric ignition safety device + pilot burner
- Electrical ignition (230 V power connection required); on request with manual piezo ignition
- NEW: ROBATA etagere with grate surface or surface for the use of GN containers or skewer holder surface.
- NEW: Motor and chain-driven skewer attachment: suitable for small skewers of lamb, minced meat, shish kebab and vegetables up to whole chicken or knuckle skewers .


- A grate of your choice is included for each heating zone (V grate,
- Z grate, cast grate , ...)
- Mobile design with heavy-duty castors - Gas bottle cabinet - As a tabletop device - Extensive accessories: Hard chrome-plated frying plates smooth and ribbed, multi-purpose roaster in different heights
- lava basket with special heat-resistant round profiles or cast iron basket to support the lava stones
- fine-pored, heavy lava stones from the Eifel - 3-sided splash guard - 4 adjustable feet


Flex generator with up to 8 kW of power per cooking area. Adjustments to individual needs can easily be made via our smartphone app.

For example:

- Reduction of the maximum output per hotplate

- Activation of the integrated energy management to limit the total output of all cooking zones


- 1 to 10 hotplates
- one-sided or two-sided operation - induction ceramic cuvettes each Ø 300 /400 / 500 mm
- smooth or recessed cover plate for water bath - water taps with knee operation - drain with filter for coarse dirt particles - rear wall - shelf for GN containers


- Width x depth: 1200 x 750 mm, height: 850 mm /1350 mm with rear wall
- 2 x wart burners, each with 18 kW - with thermoelectric ignition safety device and pilot burner, electric ignition - 2 x stainless steel wok ring Ø 300 mm suitable for wok pans up to 400 mm diameter


- Recessed 3 mm top plate for water bath;- Water inlet nozzles in the top plate; Controlled via inlet valve in the control panel - water drain and overflow takes place in a continuous dirt collection tray below the burner
- top shelves (stainless steel holder) for GNs 1/6 or 1/3 - cold water outlet with toggle lever operation - rear wall with top shelves for GNs
- drain with plug and sieve
- waste water connection DN 503 - height-adjustable feet (on request mobile version with heavy-duty castors, 2 of which have parking brakes - the device height is then 890 mm)

Alternative versions: - 1 to 10 cooking zones - 8.7 kW or 14 kW or 18 kW - one-sided or two-sided operation - smooth or recessed top plate for water bath attachments for larger woks or for cookware with a flat bottom


The Teppan -Yaki kitchen ( Teppan -Yaki = the hot table) was originally created by Japanese immigrants in the United States of America at the beginning of the 18th century as a way of combating their homesickness.

When the Japanese arrived in the New World, they were used to a completely different diet and cuisine than what they found there, and so homesickness was accompanied by a longing for local specialties. One managed by cooking on a metal or steel plate with the help of the ingredients available in the new homeland.

Over the years, this type of preparation has been perfected with the Teppan -Yaki grill and has also become popular and well-known in Japan itself. Today, Teppan cooking in restaurants is one of the great culinary experiences for the guest, who can watch the chef preparing delicious dishes up close.


- Hard chrome steel plate, fully welded, 15 mm thick
- Different device depths, device outputs - 4.5 kW per heating zone , 18 kW total output
- Grease collection channel at the front, - pull-out grease container - removable splash guard included - connection cable, single socket, 2 m long - electronic temperature control with rotary knob and status LED temperature display


- Available with corrugated plate; A different assignment of the heating zones can also be implemented, e.g. alternating: corrugated plate, smooth plate - Can be equipped with GN containers, table shelves or tiered stands on request - Also available as a gas version, we will advise you accordingly at the trade fair; the gas variant will also be on display.

Base frame: - closed on 3 sides up to the base - open at the front - height-adjustable feet - main material: CNS 1.4301

- width x depth: 750 x 750 mm - height: 850 mm - power: 8 kW / 400 V 3 ~ - induction Cerancuvette Ø 300 mm
- incl. Tantuni pan
- with warming 3 kW

Station features:

- Width x depth: 3000 x 750/1050 mm - Height: 850 mm / 1400 mm with splash protection glass - Total output 31 kW / 400 V 3 ~- 3x 8 kW induction
- Cerancuvette Ø 300 mm
- 2x 5 kW ceramic hob 360 x 360 mm - Tantuni pans made of stainless steel Ø 600 mm or 740 mm
- width x depth: 750 x 750 mm, height: 850 mm - power: 8 kW / 400 V 3 ~- induction Cerancuvette Ø 300 mm
- incl. Tantuni pan
- with heat retention 3 kW







Experience HEIDEBRENNER at INTERNORGA 2023: save energy, maximize output: work multifunctionally and modularly

Every kitchen is unique. In order to be able to use the available space optimally, as a restaurateur you need a device with many storage and warming options, with which you can prepare the largest possible amount of food in the smallest space in a comparatively short time. Ideally, they can use the device for a variety of applications without having to laboriously convert it or switch to another device. You save significant time and energy costs. The HEIDEBRENNER catering appliances offer this variety thanks to their modular design:

- It is child's play to equip different grids, roasters and skewers for different heating zones. If necessary, the device can be quickly converted or retrofitted without tools.

- Easy to pull out the inside of the device; HEIDEBRENNER catering equipment can be cleaned and serviced in just a few minutes. A repair is also very easy.

- Would you like to prepare different dishes on one device without having to switch devices? Would you like to use your appliance to bake, grill and keep warm at the same time? No problem with our devices...

By the way: The modular system is optimally supported by the variety of our production lines: We offer you up to 6 different heating zones/device widths and 7 different depths for each device category. In addition, freestanding, tabletop or built-in versions of all catering equipment, many of which are available as outdoor and indoor versions. Regardless of whether you want to work with gas, electrically operated devices or charcoal, we have the right solution for every restaurateur.
This video shows the modular system of the electric lava stone grills
Here you can see the modular design of the indoor and outdoor versions of the gas lava stone grills


This video shows the modular system of the electric lava stone grills

Here you can see the modular design of the indoor and outdoor versions of the gas lava stone grills


Trade fair visitors who visit our stand 553 in hall 6 and take advantage of a brief consultation
will receive a voucher for a 40% discount on the device of their choice and a 20% discount on all products in the online shop!


The professional approach is also reflected in the devices, which are precisely tailored to the needs. The functionality, performance and reliability make us very happy to work on the device.

I can only report that the advice was very competent and the offers I received were very detailed and clearly structured. That's what I expected from a company as renowned as Heidebrenner and I wasn't disappointed.

Martin Werameister

I was aloof from the devices at first;
the committed team and consulting competence persuaded me to do a test grilling.
The result was that I fell in love with the technique! The device was ordered on site, was delivered as discussed and competent instructions were also free of charge. The device runs 16 hours a day at full power without the slightest failure.

I'm happy and satisfied that I made this decision!

Otto Mueller

We have been successfully using Heidebrenner devices in our company for 60 years and we have always been reliably and competently looked after. Problems are solved immediately to our satisfaction. High praise and cheers for the achievement.

Mary Morgan

Heidebrenner builds great devices, especially gas lava stone grill excellent grilling result! many attachments that can be used flexibly. Excellent power - performance! No problems to begin with - we've been delighted with the unit for years!

I can only say positive things!

Fernado Cortase

I've heard caution and attention is required when buying grill technology.

Many manufacturers requested; unfortunately only a few offer the test grilling. Heidebrenner has taken absolute priority here - competent and friendly advice, test grilling promptly agreed and organized and that convinced us.
Big THANKS for that!

Sasha Weisswein

Wouldn't have thought that an electric lava grill would be an alternative to the gas grill.
The Heidebrenner test proved me wrong. Excellent performance that can be seen, first-class grill image! Just as I wished. Top quality, sturdy, and a pleasure to work on!!

Seman Dorondan

Super fast delivery without any problems, as agreed, the device arrived on time, even with special requests, and the customer received free device instructions.

Today, this is an absolute exception among manufacturers. The burgers look great and taste even better. Heidebrenner can only be recommended as a supplier.

Martin Warm
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